About Us

The developers of retsCloud have been developing rets applications since 2003.

retsCloud is a managed service that gives you access to an SQL based Real Estate database which gives Realtors and web developers an easier way to connect and work with the mass amount of Real Estate data and photos from their local board. Speed up your development and stop worrying about IDX, RETS, FTP downloads, use our simple fast SQL connection to the MLS data. Setup is fast and can be done by your team. We're currently storing and managing over 100 million MLS records and we can do the same for you.

Fully Supported

Your are no longer on your own with RETS. We are here to make getting or syncing the rets/mls data into your mySQL database easy. Once you setup retsCloud our system will refresh your data about ever 30 minutes.

15 Minutes Updates

That's right we update your data every 15 minutes on average. Just as fast (if not a little faster) as the big MLS search sites.

We're in the Clouds

Our system is ready to go since you don't need to install it or configure it. Just create an account for free and and get MLS data today. Custom RETS setups are still available for FTP, SOAP and other MLS standards.

Risk Free Trial

We want to make sure our system works for you. Create a free account and give it a go. You can even contact support if you are having problems setting your feed up.

Try a risk free trial. No credit card needed

Our Plans

Easy pricing, simple system, what more could you ask for!

1 MLS Feed



5 MLS Feeds



Fully Dedicated



  • 250+ MLS Feeds
  • 5 Minute Updates *
  • 99.99% up time
  • mySQL
  • Email & Phone Support **
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retsCloud Software


one time

  • No monthly fees.
  • Installed on your server.
  • 5 Minute Updates *
  • mySQL
  • Email & Phone Support **
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Add Ons

We have a few other items that are sometimes needed. These are not required to use our service.

Full Set Up


one time

  • 1 MLS Feed Setup
  • Setup all queries
  • Test and preload all data
  • Image settings applied
  • -
  • -
  • -
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few videos that cover the most asked questions our support team receives.

How to get started with retsCloud UI

How to get set up your first query

How to setup the photo sync

Optionally mapping retsCloud to an existing database table